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What is All My Eco?


All My Eco was born in Barcelona on 2019, where we realized that the vegan and eco-friendly sneakers that we wore were either quite ugly, not very sustainable, or were simply made unethically.

And also because we were fed up from all the greenwashing we were seeing around.

Because doesn't it suck when you purchase a new pair of "eco-friendly" shoes on a whim only to discover that they're made on a third world country? A total downer.


We wanted a pair of sneakers that you'd be proud to wear every day, not just because of how great they look, but also because they stand for the things that are worth fighting for.

We wanted a real slow fashion alternative to the brands we knew and used. No greenwashing with false claims or misguided descriptions: the ultimate vegan eco-friendly shoe, the real deal.

Because come on, making things right couldn't be that difficult, could it?

Wouldn't there be a group of like-minded people that really cared about how the products they got helped not only the environment, but also society at large?

So we thought: "let's find out ourselves".

Because last time we checked, we can't live going around barefoot like Hobbits, can we?


So here we were, clueless about where to start with our sustainable sneaker soon-to-be-company.

Because it must be easy to make some shoes from scratch, right?


Unsurprisingly, it's not.

Having hand-drawn our first draft, we discovered that the next step was to find a designer to help us create the scheme for the sneakers (a sort of "outline" of the shoes with all the technical requirements a manufacturer needs to make them).


With that scheme, we could bring it to a manufacturer that could then produce the AMEs. Because unfortunately, more than our hand-drawn draft is needed for a manufacturer to be able to create them.

Thankfully, we found our designer and our manufacturer both in Elche, Spain, which involved several endless 5 hour train rides back and forth, us living in Barcelona.

As you can imagine, we lots of books were read, and naps taken, during those commutes.

But we believed it was important to manufacture locally.

Because yes, manufacturing in China would cost us literally 1/3 of what it currently does. But why be a cheapskate if you can make someone's life better by doing the right thing?

We wanted to be different from the rest of brands, and that meant actually doing things differently.

But first things first. How was the first embarrassingly-amateurish draft of the AMEs?

Here it is, next to an actual pair of AMEs (please don't be too harsh):


As anyone with a pair of working eyes can see, our designer refined it a bit and made it waaay more professional (to be honest, there was no way a factory could make a pair of shoes with just our simple drawing).


And from that, the current timeless design of the AMEs was born.

The plan was to launch the AMEs in 3 different colors:

- Shiny Silver (silver)

- Captivating Charcoal (black)

- Perky Paprika (red)

However, the high production costs were a problem, as the minimum amount we had to order from every model (the MOQ in sales-speak - Minimum Order Quantity -) meant we couldn't afford to make them all.

Because if at the time we even had trouble paying for all those trips back and forth to Elche, you can imagine how hard it was for us to pay for nearly a thousand sneakers.


But if there's a will, there's a way.

We gathered some friends and relatives, laughed a lot, and took pictures with the samples we got.

You know what's the trickiest part of setting up a photoshoot where you can't hire models, and where you only have 4-5 pairs to use?

Getting awesome friends that want to help you out AND also having the right shoe size available for them.

In any case, despite the odds we pushed through and got it all ready to present our beloved project to the world so people like you, the ones that care about the environment, could help us make it a reality.


How did we do that?

Well, we first released our project on Kickstarter (a crowd-sourcing platform) on the 30th of December 2019.

And it went GREAT.

To the point that we soon realized that, with all the support we were getting, it made no sense to keep using the platform considering how much they charged us.

If the people purchased directly from our website, we could start shipping the AMEs right away!

Some of you backed us there, so you probably remember that time. It was a bit confusing for all of us, but we all pushed through together.

Newly energized by all that support, we scrapped what small savings we had, got a personal loan from the bank, and after convincing our manufacturer to lower the minimum order we needed (they must have seen how passionate we were about making this happen), we made our first order of 307 pairs of AMEs.



The response was better than we could have ever expected.


Before the end of January 2020 we had already shipped more than a 100 pairs of the AMEs throughout the world.

Us, an unknown brand.


The new members of our family were not only from European countries, but from places as far away from us as New Zealand! Isn't that exciting?

Our sneakers were being shipped around the world!

And here we are now.

More than a year later, and more than three thousand AMEs after, more excited than ever to empower you to fight for the planet and its inhabitants.

Let's change the world together, one pair of sneakers at a time.


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