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Finally, a pair of Sneakers you'll be proud to wear.

The only pair of beautifully-designed sneakers that looks as good as it is for the Environment.


Sustainable materials ♻️

100% Vegan 🐮  

Ethically handcrafted in Spain 🇪🇸

5 trees planted per pair 🌲

Donations to Charities 💰

What our Eco-Warriors have to say

Eco-sneakers made better


100% sustainable materials.

Use 1-2 sustainable materials and greenwash the rest.

Made in Spain in an audited workshop.

Made in a third world sweatshop.

Higher-than-market Fair wages paid to workers.

Starvation wages and child labor.

Eco-friendly & recyclable packaging

Packaging contains plastic

Profit margin invested in increased product quality.

Profit margin invested in influencer marketing.

5 trees planted per pair


1% of each sale donated to NGOs


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Our vision

We bring you a pair of stylish premium sneakers you can proudly wear all-year-round.

No greenwashing shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

Sneakers made by people that actually try to make things right, when no one else seems to do so.

The perfect pair of eco-sneakers for an eco-warrior like you.


100% Vegan


We don't support animal cruelty of any kind.

That's why none of our products incorporate any animal-based materials, nor materials tested using animals.

We believe that no pair of shoes is worth the suffering of any living being, no matter how good it looks.

That's why we use innovative high-quality fruit-based materials, which look as good as leather does, but without all of its bad stuff.

Sustainable & Upcycled Materials

Stripes made with Pineapple fiber

Pineapple fiber is crafted with discarded leaves from the pineapple harvest. That means that it requires no additional resources (land, water, pesticides or fertilisers) to be produced.

It doesn't have all the toxic chemicals and heavy metals used in animal leather production either.  

Finally, it also contributes to the livelihood of the farming communities that cultivate it, creating an additional stream of income so their living conditions are improved.

Pretty impressive, huh?


Exterior made from Apple skins

The crisp exterior of our sneakers is made using upcycled italian apple skins.

Yes, you've heard it right.

The waste generated by the fruit juice industry in Italy is dried and crushed into a fine powder, which is then mixed with pigments and a binder, and spread over a canvas until it solidifies into a skin-like material.

PETA-approved and completely awesome.


Cushiony insides made using Recycled Plastic Bottles

When you wear your AMEs, your feet are be embraced by a comfy cushiony inside made with PET recycled from plastic bottles.

 More than 10 million tonnes of plastic are thrown up every year.

It is now estimated that almost half of all seabird species, all sea turtle species and a growing list of fish species have plastic in their bodies.

Let's put an end to it together.


Ethically crafted in Spain


Say no to child labor or slave-like working conditions. Say no to shoes made in a third-world sweatshop.

We fully make our sneakers in Elche (Spain), and our manufacturer’s facilities are fully audited by renowned organizations such as SMETA.

This way, we ensure that worker’s rights are respected and that working conditions (such as salaries) are even better than the minimum mandated by spanish law.

Classic & Durable


Say goodbye to overthinking how you shoes match with your daily clothes, and to constantly having to buy new pairs.

The AMEs are super easy to combine and work well with anything, whether you need to dress casually or informally.

One of our clients even told us she used the AMEs to get married. While that was not what we had in mind when we designed them, that’s an option too.

Sold at the Right Price


Making high quality products that help the environment, and doing it locally, comes at a cost.

But that doesn't mean our products have to be too expensive.

We squeezed our margins as thin as possible in order to make the AMEs as affordable as we can.

If sustainability isn't affordable, how will we spread the word?

Plant 5 trees per pair


Deforestation is at an all time high.⁠
Every second, a forest the size of a football field is cut down. ⁠

That's why together with the NGO Eden Reforestation projects, we plant 5 trees per each pair of AMEs sold.
They hire the poorest of the poor to plant, grow and protect native species of forest on a massive scale in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia and Mozambique.⁠ Since its foundation, they've planted more than 200 million trees.
These projects reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. So in the end, everyone wins.⁠

Donations to Charities


We are part of the 1% For the Planet network, an organization created by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, which groups businesses that donate at least 1 percent of their gross annual sales to NGOs that protect land, forests, rivers, oceans and also encourage sustainable methods of energy production.
Since their beginning in 2002, one percent members have donated more than $200 million in support of approved environmental charities.
Yearly, before we send away our donation, we poll all the members of the All My Eco family (yes, that is you) so you can help us pick which organizations you think should receive the donation.

The AMEs

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Shipping policy (Carbon neutral*)

We ship worldwide for free on all orders over 30€.

The estimated delivery times are:

Europe: 2 to 4 working days

America: 3 to 7 working days

Asia and Oceania: 4 to 10 working days

Shipping to the following countries is Carbon-Neutral*: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark and Netherlands. We're working towards making shipping to other countries carbon-netural, but for the moment that is the case for these ones :)

*100% of package-related CO2 emissions are offset in certified processes. We are thus making an active contribution to climatefriendly, sustainable parcel logistics.

All shipping methods include a 24h hold for processing.

Returns & Exchanges policy

Our returns policy allows you to return or exchange unused products (no questions asked) within 14 days of receiving them.

For more details, check out the "Returns policy" at the bottom of this page :)

Shoe care

Hand-washable: In order to keep your AMEs pristine, wash them with a warm wet cloth.

Do not put them in the washing machine since the pineapple fiber may get slightly decolorated.

To care for the pineapple fiber stripe, we recommend using a natural colourless wax to keep it looking hydrated. Apply your wax of choice sparingly with a clean cloth and leave to dry.

Size chart

In case of doubt, pick the bigger size! :)

Let's create real change together

Since we launched on January 2020, we've planted more than 15.000 trees.

15.000 trees that will create fresh oxigen every day for the rest of our lives, and that will make the air we breathe cleaner. For us and for future generations.

So imagine the impact we can create together.

"These AME sneakers are great for everyone looking for good quality and high ethical standards in one product.

They’re comfortable, resistant, beautiful... and they even seem never to get dirty! A wonderful product for the vegan community."

Vladimir J.


"A honest company who really cares for nature, their products and their customers.

Very quick delivery, very comfortable and beautiful."

Valérie V.


"Excellent customer service and product!

I absolutely love these shoes, the design is fantastic!! And when because of Covid the first pair I had ordered did not arrive, they sent me a new one very shortly!

Buying shoes online can be not so comfortable, but i really had excellent customer service, would recommend to anyone!!"

Maria G.


"These sneakers (with silver stripes) look even better in real life, it’s my first pair of ethically produced shoes and I’m really happy with my purchase.

I love the design and the quality is really good too!"

Anna S.


"Love the sustainable mindset of the company and the fashionable design.

They look exactly as they do on the website, they are super comfortable and came even quicker than I expected!

Exceeded my expectations"

Filippa A.


Attentive Customer service

It's our pride to give you a good purchasing experience. If you have any doubts or questions (or if you need help), our customer service team is here to give you a hand.

Just message us at and we'll reply to you in less than 24 hours :)

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