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Our mission

At All My Eco we have a very clear mission: to make the planet a more ethical and sustainable place to live in.

With your help, we are changing the world through fashion in a fair, sustainable and honest way for everyone involved with our brand, from workers and suppliers to customers. We don’t want to just reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry. We want to use it as a catalyst for change, to empower the disempowered, and to preserve the planet for the generations to come.

Our ambition is to revitalize our environment, protecting wildlife and inspiring future generations to believe they can do the same. Because if the people that care, the people like you and us, act together, real change can happen.

Caring for people is why we fully design and manufacture our products within the EU, in Spain, where we ensure that the working conditions of the employees follow the highest European standards and where our products are subject to rigid quality controls.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your shoes being made in a sweatshop where workers are subject to inhuman conditions, working from dusk till dawn for a faceless corporation that just cares about making money for its shareholders. This way, you cast a vote on what type of treatment of workers you deem acceptable.

But it does not end there. We put a lot of care into every detail of our products, so you can rest assured that your sneakers will be made using only premium innovative and sustainable materials, worked by the best shoemakers who are in charge of the entire production process using state-of-the-art techniques, with decades of experience in their craft.

Together, we also help other organizations fight for sustainability and help reforest the planet, as at least 1% of all the company’s revenue goes towards NGOs focused on the environment, and 5 trees are planted for each pair of AMEs sold.

The AMEs

Don’t you wish you could find a pair of sneakers that are both stylish and good for the environment? A pair of sneakers that represents what you stand for, and how you want the world to be? We did too…

Until now. From the streets of Barcelona, enter All My Eco.

With every purchase you make, you choose the future you want to live in. Big corporations don’t care about the environment, and governments don’t do enough, so it’s us (the people that care) who must do what’s necessary. How? Easily: by either picking products that help the environment or by consuming less. 

That’s why we made the AMEs (“Amies”), which is how we named our sneakers: a premium product completely manufactured with materials that are either fully recycled, either way less harmful to the environment than other alternatives used by the fashion industry worldwide, which also gives back to society by donating 1% of sales to charities and makes the Earth's future brighter.

Fast fashion focuses on how fast clothing can be made, and how low production costs can be cut. We focus on sustainability and durability, and in giving everyone the fair share they deserve.

To manufacture them, we use pineapple fiber, recycled plastic bottles and cork, all of which are sustainable materials better than their alternatives commonly used.

The AMEs are also fully vegan, as we use a vegan alternative to leather instead of real leather, in order to avoid contributing to factory farming and animal cruelty.

But it’s not just about the materials. More than 95% of workers in the fast fashion industry don’t make a living wage, forcing them to regularly skip meals and eat inadequately, or go into debt. That’s why we believe that the manufacturing process of our sneakers matters as much, and the reason we decided to manufacture the AMEs in Spain, where factories are subject to strict European standards.

Some companies greenwash themselves by advertising that their products are designed in a first world country. However, manufacturing is what matters the most.
This way, producing in a EU country such as Spain, we ensure all workers enjoy fair wages and fair labor conditions, subject to rigid quality standards.

Having a trusted manufacturing facility ensures that only the best materials are used, that the quality of each pair is strictly monitored, and that social responsibility policies are implemented in their facilities. Also, it allows us, as we have done repeatedly, to visit the factory and see that all the promises they made are being kept.

Our facilities also have their own recycling and waste usage chain, recycling their rubber leftovers from the production process, which means less waste is generated from manufacturing.


Is that all? Far from it!!
For each pair of sneakers sold, we plant 5 trees in order to help the reforestation effort worldwide, and we also donate 1% of each sale to NGOs that focus on sustainability-related projects.

The result of all of the above are the coolest vegan, crisp-white, cozy and fashionable sneakers that you can purchase guilt-free, and that you can wear with pride while strolling through the street, knowing you’re giving back to the environment and society.

Because caring about the environment is badass and you should be proud of it. 

And because we know you care, we warmly welcome you to the All My Eco tribe :)